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We had even both spent time at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, N. A vegetarian for many years longer than myself, there were no rational reasons why this third date might go better than the others -- only an instinctual feeling to follow through. Date number three turned into dates number four, five, six and more.

We connected in many ways, a mutual love of animals being one of them.

The answer was complex, certainly not black and white.

However, what I found was that as soon as I put down my foot about being open, out and unapologetic about my veganism in regards to my dating -- men started to respond in a very positive way.

He was right, but by staying true to my heart I never had to see it in person. Although the common love of animals was present, that little bit of romantic magic just wasn't there. My wariness of online dating led me to suspend my account.

One fellow I started interacting with on the dating site was also a devoted vegan. Right before I did, I heard from someone I had the spark of a serendipitous sense about.

Not long ago, one of my friends and I sat in a cute, small bar on Manhattan's Lower East Side, exchanging stories and tips about dating in New York City.

It was a true girls' night out, complete with concert tickets to see one of my favorite musicians, Kristin Hersh, performing with the Throwing Muses.

Throw on an apron and sharpen those knives ‘cause it’s time to unveil the eats!

I know someone who has been a vegan for many years and is happily in love with and married to someone who eats animal products.

She is living her truth -- being true to her love of animals by living vegan, and being true to her feelings for the person she is with.

To make your anniversary meal planning even MORE exciting, we’ve divided our list into four fabulous categories.

Simply pick one item from each list and you’ve got yourself a four-course meal that is insanely amazing.

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